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Entry #3


2010-06-23 09:12:21 by psylentknight

Need to update this more often. Warning you now, this might get more than a little random.

So there's a bit of a lull in work, recently, both on and offline. Getting a paid gig (again) would be great, but it seems to be one of those matters where they call you before you to them. I could be wrong. In fact, I am wrong. For every one person or group that discovers you, there's a handful of others that may prove to be of mutual benefit by you coming to them first.

Ah, the beauty of voice work, to be able to sit at home with Supernatural on mute while recording dialog for something left field of (some of) your interest. Just can't get lazy, now. Gotta keep moving around and keep that healthy mind and body, as they say. It makes sense, 'cause how are you gonna' provide a good performance if you don't feel good about yourself? Yeah, there's a lot that needs immediate improvement, but until then, I'm just glad for the stuff that's here and keeping me chill.

I guess that's all I have for now. Wish there was something to actually report, aside from feeling a little better after writing all this.


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